Reviews For THE CRYSTAL ROSE by Ruth Karas

“From childhood, knights and their deeds have fascinated Breanne. After she is orphaned suddenly, she discovers a life that is equally adventurous and brings her into contact with knights, wizards, and dragons. She also learns many things she believed were wrong. But most importantly, she joins her life to that of the rightful heir to the throne, a man in hiding who will need all of the magic Breanne possesses to reclaim his place and restore peace to their land. Considering the man, who Breane loves, is more court jester than king, that could be a challenge for more than obvious reasons.

Though greater length would have served this book well by allowing for more world building, the author will easily entertain her target audience in this miniature epic fantasy.” Amanda Kilgore

“The Crystal Rose reads like a beloved fairy tale. Dragons, knights, and sorcerers fill the pages. I love this story. The plot is fascinating, and the characters are delightful. This is a must read for fans of fantasy.” 5 Stars!
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“Ms. Karas has created a phenomenal young adult story with characters who are willing to fight for what is right. Breanne has lived through many tragedies, but somehow she has retained the strength to keep fighting. The scenes with the dragons are so descriptive that they come alive for the reader. I enjoyed the comedic relief enacted through the baby dragon Eth. The situations and mischief he always got into was hilarious. Breanne’s first reaction when she saw the dragons was fright, but as she got to know them she loved them. Add to this the sorcerer Aldwyn, a most modest and unusual man, and you have a riveting and compelling plot. It is my hope that young people can read this and for a little while live in a world where what seems the impossible is just a moment away.” 5 Angels! Fallen Angel Reviews


I enjoyed the story which was really a fairy tale. Breanna was stronger than the usual heroine of this type of story, but she and Bevan were typical teenagers. At first shy with one another, they became almost like brother and sister, although Breanne felt something more.
I did feel at times that the story could have had more depth to it. Years were skipped over which left vague questions about what had happened during this time. I don't want to spoil it for readers but I will say that the ending has an unexpected twist to it.
On the whole I would recommend this book to lovers of fantasy books. It's not spectacular in its tale, but it is a very enjoyable read.